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We have forums, Facebook groups, and even direct communication available to every client. Given that, here are the most common questions we are asked.

find the answers to common questions easily.

Does every listing get the free YouTube video?

Every listing that is placed on our site gets a free 90 second video created and published by us. You are welcome to share it, copy it, even link to it. The only thing we do is place a hyperlink to our site in the description.

If I no longer list with Vacation.Rentals do I lose my YouTube videos or Word Press website?

If for some reason or other you no longer want to list with our site, we will simply remove (per your request) the YouTube video we created. The same thing holds true with your WP site. You cannot copy or reuse any of the content that we have created for you – nor can you purchase it from us. We spent the time and money to create these themes and simply offer them to our business partners as a nice feature for listing their Vacation Rental with us.

Can i make changes in the Title of page?

Yes. You have total control over your site as a user. You can delete pages, upload blog posts, change images – just about everything except altering the database of your site. If you need a specific plug in please send an e-mail to us at sales@vacation.rentals and explain the justification for the plug in. We will evaluate your request and get back to you in a timely manner

Do you offer a free trial period?

For a very limited time we will offer hosts a 6 month free trial on our site. This will become effective on or about April 2nd, 2018.

Can i upload videos?

Yes, your property listing page does come with a YouTube upload link. The video of course must be page related and not contain any unsuitable content. 

What are the prices to list on your site?

We will offer 3 separate packages with 3 different levels of features. Gold at $225 – Silver at $150 – and Bronze at $75. Please refer to Vacation Rentals for more information. 

Can property managers list their vacation rentals on your site?

Absolutely! In fact the owners of Vacarent themselves are property managers. We believe property managers represent the best of all worlds as they have a vested interest in protecting their properties under their control and they represent the clients who rent from them. We even offer substantial discounts for property managers. 

Can i integrate payment gateways in my website?

At this time we do not have that ability.

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