About US


Vacarent is more than just a new company. It is friendships that extend over decades, allowing us to tackle new projects with a collective vision quickly.

01. Friends

Vacarent is made up of 6 lifetime friends who are all serial entrepreneurs in one form or another.

02. Committed

Vacarent is determined to change the face and trajectory of the short term rental market by delivering where others have failed.

03. Innovative

We will deliver a standing reputation in the industry that demonstrates to everyone how very different we are and will be in the months ahead

Proven Success

The Numbers Don’t Lie

When we bought Vacation.Rentals for $500,300 we knew we were investing in something incredibly unique and special. It is the 219th most expensive domain ever sold for ALL domains and the most expensive gTLD (generic Top Level Domain) ever sold. The reason is simple. It is a MASSIVE search term for the vacation rental by owner and property manager industry and we intend to market to this heavily 7/24. Monthly search volume estimates for “Vacation Rentals” run 136,000 (approximately) exact match and approximately 1 BILLION per year for loose matches.

we are everywhere


free to speak with the homeowner or property manager. free to speak to the traveler. free from undo fees and commissions. freedom from every restriction.